Why Choose Dragon Smart?

🦎The Pros and Cons of Choosing Dragon Smart for your first or next Dragon! ❤️

-We will support you through out the life of your dragon, helping you to make the right choices for the longest life. We aren't here to upsell you at every corner because we have no stake in the supplies market.

-We promise to choose people over policy, if you purchase a dragon from us, and it is our fault that something is wrong we are willing to over look a date on a reciept in favor of doing right by you and your baby. We have a commitment to excellence and when we fail, we aren't going to pass the blame.

-We believe in producing healthy dragons, and strive our very hardest to ensure that we put the healthiest dragons possible on the market.

-We try our very hardest to be humane and responsible breeders, no matter the number of dragons in our care whether it is 1 or 100 we do not believe in cutting costs that would further endanger an animal.

-We promise to be honest and transparent about what we produce, and to give a clear picture of exactly what you are purchasing. The Parents and Genetics of the Dragon SHOULD be disclosed.

-Your Dragon is Handled Daily from the second week of life, when they become active and alert after birth is when we begin handling. And this is a practice we will always keep no matter how large or small we are.

-Supporting Small Breeders with a Heart and Love for Dragons.

-We will not hide from you after the sale, we can be contacted any day, by any one for any reason!

-You can find all of our customer experiences on our page! Have a look, read reviews!

Our Price can't compete with Mill Bred Dragons. Because we believe in health and strength over mass production we refuse to stoop to animal care minimums or even below. Feeding the dragons 5 crickets a day and selling/shipping at 3 weeks old will never be okay in our book. However we are investing time and resources into bringing the cost of collector dragons down through breeding our own food, growing our own greens and vegtables, and implementing systems to help combat higher prices! By supporting us now, we will bring future morph prices down!

Our Genetic Selection is not as wide as large, warehouse style breeding facilities from the largest names in the industry, although as we grow we do aim to expand our collection of dragon morphs, but it must be done without compromising health and quality!


At Dragon Smart we strive to be People Helping People. It is one of the few mission statements we live by. Our word is our bond, and our dragons are our family and our family is our life. Thank you for taking the time to consider us!

Leave your thoughts below, good or bad we are always looking for a way to improve our practices! We don't promise to be perfect, but we do promise to care. ❤️

Dylan and Alonna Geerts