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Why is my bearded dragon sleeping, acting Lethargic, not eating, and hiding? These are common symptoms of brumation along with parasites and other sicknesses. What the difference? In brumation, your bearded dragon should not lose any weight. It’s always good to get a fecal sample just in case if you are worried it’s not brumation.


Keep lights the same if in brumation?

Yes. Keep it on the same schedule. When they brumate in Australia the lights don’t change there as well.


What to do if my bearded dragon is in brumation?

Please don’t bother your bearded dragon in brumation. It can stress them out and prolong the process... it is a very sad time when they sleep like this but it is completely NORMAL. 💖just let them be and they will come out and eat if they feel they need too. Can always make just a little bit of salad to see if they come out and eat it. If not, that’s okay.


How long can they brumate for?

Days, weeks, or months! They can also come in and out of it. Some may do it some may not. 💜 it’s different for every dragon.


How old can they be when they brumate?

Usually after a year. If they are younger than a year it could be a cause for concern and best to visit your exotic vet. ❤️


ANY QUESTIONS? feel free to tag anyone to help them understand brumation.

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