Bearded Dragon Tips & Advice

I hope this advice helps! 💜

• I would make sure to not use hammock for a basking spot and use more of a solid platform. Hammocks cannot hold enough heat.

• I would get a T5 tube uvb light either Arcadia brand or reptisun brand 🙂 it should cover no more than 50% of enclosure. It’s stronger then the coils and the T8 bulbs. It lasts longer too!

 • I wouldn’t use any lights at night and get a ceramic heat emitter if your house is below 50-60 degrees at night.

• I would always feed a variety of bugs and fresh greens everyday no matter baby or adult.

 •Good substrate would be non adhesive shelf liner, tile, or organic top soil mixed with play sand. If not using loose substrate, a dig box is always good for enrichment! Carpet can hold bacteria even if you wash it in the washer. 

• Offering a hide that is big enough is good for them feeling more comfortable and for any possible brumation on the future.

• Make sure to only check basking temp with a temp gun because it’s the most accurate! I would toss out the plastic temp/humidity gauge if you have one! Those are usually always wrong.

 • I wouldn’t feed within two hours of lights turning off because heat helps them digest!

• For both adults and babies, basking temp should be 105-115 degrees!


In the words of Alonna Geerts ❤️

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