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IMPORTANT read all.

This waitlist is for people who can afford to pay for the shipping fee to rehome a beardie. The cost to ship is $100 and covers all fees, and packaging will be sent to your door.

While we do have donation covered shipping, we do not guarantee its availability to everyone as it is generally reserved for extreme cases first. To Apply for a PrePaid Kit and Label, please email us at Please be aware that we do not cover all labels that are applied for and reserve them for dragons truly in need as donor funds are not unlimited. Applications will require photos of the animal, set up, and a description. Applying is not a guarantee of approval, and donor covered labels are given on a most needed first basis, not first come first serve.

You can also surrender a bearded dragon in person at the Dragon Smart Pet Store in McMinnville TN.

By Purchasing This Label you will receive a shipping kit, and an overnight priority label via Fed Ex. It is your responsibility to properly package the dragon, properly ship it, and refunds are not available for this service, once a shipping kit is ordered it will be shipped to your door. You then must promptly pack the dragon and ship it on the day agreed to. Before joining the waiting list you should understand that dragon smart is not liable for any damages under any circumstances. YOU MUST PROVIDE A WAY TO CONTACT YOU. We have to coordinate a ship date after the kits arrival as there are certain conditions that must be followed in order to ensure the safe arrival of the animal. 


1.) Watch and Follow the packing instructions precisely.

2.) Must Be Shipped Via FedEx Express, this is not the same as FedEx Ground, or FedEx Office. If you lack transportation FedEx can come to your house to retrieve the animal, but we must know ahead of time, so we can schedule a pick up.

3.) Do not delay your shipment without cause.

While we are understanding that life happens, delaying your ship out day for more than 3 Days, may result in a cancellation, and no refunds will be given as we do not accept returns on shipping kits. If you must delay it is your responsibility to reach out and let us know why. If you ghost us you may also lose your spot in line, as well as the payment for the items. Empty cages don't help dragons, so we will not wait to move on to the next person who needs assistance, especially if you are not responding. If you had a serious life event that prohibited it, please let us know we will work to adjust shipping days, but can make no guarantee of availability.